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Pisa 'holds back' education/ Alihmehmeti: The government's agenda, keeping Albanians in poverty and ignorance

Pisa 'holds back' education/ Alihmehmeti: The government's

The abilities of 15-year-old students in Albania for the subject of mathematics, reading and science have deteriorated, according to the results of "PISA 2022" of OECD countries.

Doctor Ilir Alihmehmeti, speaking on Syri TV, said that the Pisa result is absolutely expected.

He emphasized that the government does not prioritize education, as it is enough to look at the 2024 budget where only 2.14% was allocated.

AlimehmetiThis absolutely expected result cannot be discussed otherwise. There is an agenda here and part of keeping a people poor and a people ignorant is part of keeping that people in control and that is part of that agenda.

To keep a people under control is to give a minimum of education so that they know some basic mathematical operations that are needed for ordinary work, that the state needs to know five things, but not more than that because when you cross a certain level, you start thinking , starts and creates discussions with others, pretends that he understands society as well, you will influence society as well, you will bring money to your family and so on, they don't like this. Here it remains only the part you know, just not to be illiterate, that is, a little above illiterate and to work in very simple, very mundane job positions.

If you look at what their vision was, it is enough to make the educational inventory of the people who have governed these 10 years, what they studied, with what results, where they were, how they were, take the Ministers of Education in turn, where they have they were, the first Mrs. Nikolla, with the second she said that there is no man or woman from here and we will take him from abroad to make him Minister of Education, because there is none here.

If you see these, they say that there is no priority for education. If you look at 2.14% is the education budget for 2024. 5% was promised after the student protest.



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