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"Killings are happening with clearing", Salianji: Criminals are using the police to hit each other

"Killings are happening with clearing", Salianji: Criminals are using

DP deputy Ervin Salianji raised the alarm for order and security, starting from the recent events.

During the discussion in the Parliamentary Security Committee, the deputy mentioned the threat and persecution of prosecutors by criminals, referring to the testimony of the repentant justice Artan Tafani about the intentions of Laert Haxhiu.

He said that crime has strengthened under the majority government as much as SPAK prosecutors threaten.

 "You say that the State Police has done work, but what work has the State Police done that they come out and fight each other? The State Police should work to prevent murders. Criminals fight with each other, they go to the police when they are injured or when the fights are over. Corrupt and crime-related leaders of the State Police and honest employees who are placed either in front of gangs or in front of corrupt leaders who use the police politically for election campaigns and that is why this is the situation of crime in all of Albania.

Sometimes they beat them, sometimes they kill them, sometimes they threaten them, sometimes they supervise them, sometimes they have control over the territory and this is what we are saying not to leave the sovereignty to the gangs, to give support to the police, to those employees who really want to fight it, but by starting from the support in this commission that you made a political show on this issue in this commission for different cases that this shows the courage that organized crime has to supervise, to threaten and even according to the data that came out from the Police of the State to try to eliminate prosecutors in this Republic.

This is the state of crime today and the state of public security in the country, where everyone feels insecure regardless of the public position they have, and imagine what the state of citizens is like on a daily basis. They are robbed daily, their properties, cars are stolen, they face all kinds of criminals every day", Salianji further stated.

"Here murders happen with clearing, you say the work of the State Police", he said. "'He put this there for me to kill you here.' It has never happened in the world to hear this. It has never happened that criminals discuss who will kill that prosecutor, who will eliminate that other prosecutor. Where are the police here, where are the institutions. All these who do this are people directly connected to the SP in the campaigns" , concluded Salianji.



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