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"We are working with limited funds", the mayor of Memalia appeals to the government: Do not hinder the development activities of the municipality

"We are working with limited funds", the mayor of Memalia appeals to

The Mayor of Memaliaj, Albert Malaj, in a post on Facebook, appealed to the government for reflection, reminding them that the blocking of activity funds, as well as the obstruction of the exercise of the mandate of local elected officials, is anti-constitutional and contrary to the European Charter of Local Government .

Full post: 

● First of all, I greet you, the citizens of Memaliaj Municipality, wishing you health and
prosperity in your families, and I would like to inform you of some concerns, which, as we have shared with you since the start of the common journey.
● Our common mission is the change of this municipality, but since taking office 3 months ago, we pursued every concern that the citizens of Memaliaj and the villages of this municipality have, showing courage and energy, which comes from your strength and the setters.
● BUT our municipality is being looked at differently with the announcement of the result!
● Are you saying that we are facing an embargo for leaders and citizens, who chose with their own will?
● The accounts of the municipality were immediately blocked by enforcement, hindering the development activities of the municipality, which were best noticed by you.
● Why didn't it happen with the first administration, when such a document had time in the treasury, but was not exhausted?
● The garbage trucks were blocked, so that the garbage was not thrown in the place that had been there for 30 years, as soon as the task was taken from our side.
● The cleaning firm and the municipality were processed.
● The vehicles were filled with garbage for a week until another storage place was assigned, different from the one of 30 years ago, which was done in record time by the new administration. are not harassed or prosecuted by the police)
● In every meeting held on the issue of the Vjosa river, other cities are designated, which are not crossed by the Vjosa and have no connection with it.
● On September 20, the party police blocked the vehicles of the Fadrom municipality and
a truck, which were organizing the flower garden at the entrance of the city, with the claim that they violated
the structure of the land, blocking and leaving these vehicles in storage.
● The drivers and management staff of the municipality have been prosecuted!
● Are you talking about a criminal organization and not a local
legal institution that was voted by the citizens?
● Who can judge your decision to choose freely?
● I appeal to the Gjirokastër district police to perform their duty and respect the law equally for everyone, not selectively, not to take political orders, as it is not a staff of the municipality, but all the citizens, who have decided to
do these positive changes for the community of the municipality.
● I remind the police to look at the vehicles that we have denounced, that move without license plates, with black windows and fake license plates in the territory of the municipality and to release the vehicles of the municipality that continue to do their legal work for the benefit of the community of citizens
● We, as a staff in full alliance with the citizens, are not intimidated by political police pressure and will work with limited funds, but determined more than ever to change the face of this municipality by improving the lives of its citizens, as this is the mission decided by the citizens of Memaliaj.



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