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July 7 protest, Këlliçi: We will return the DP to the rails of opposition

July 7 protest, Këlliçi: We will return the DP to the rails of

Democrat MP Belind Këlliçi gave details from the July 7 protest.

Invited to the studio of "Frontline" in News 24, Këlliçi said that the time has come for a real opposition to enter the political scene and the July 7 protest will greatly serve the DP.

Referring to the protest, Këlliçi said that Albanian emigrants from the country will also be part of the protest. The MP said that the concrete figures of the participants will be given on Tuesday or Wednesday.

"Citizens go out for themselves, for their economy. If they are better than 10 years ago, let them not go out in protest. But it is time for Albanians to protest in their favor. The purpose of the protest is to shorten the days of Edi Rama. The time has come to do the opposition and the opposition is against the government, against the prime minister and against this government that is in its third term. It is a protest to return the DP to the tracks of opposition. Depending on the number that will come there, the continuation of the political action will be decided. I am convinced that the number will be large. There are a lot of people who have cut the ticket and are coming to protest because even though they live abroad, they have families here and the price increase is felt in them too. We will have surprises. Around Tuesday or Wednesday we can have concrete figures., said Këlliçi.

Speaking about political parties, Këlliçi said that Ilir Meta and LSI will also be part of the protest.

"They are holding us accountable why it happened in July and not in June, why in the middle of the week and not on the weekend, now they are holding us accountable for the SMI of Ilir Meta. Ilir Meta and LSI are there. They have publicly confirmed that they will be there. I also go out in protest as a citizen, before coming out as an MP. "It is a civic culture to protest and it is a culture that should be cultivated in our society, in the younger generation", added Këlliçi.

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