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Opposition protest, Noka: Rama used McGonigal to declare Berisha non grata

Opposition protest, Noka: Rama used McGonigal to declare Berisha non grata

The general secretary of the Freedom Party, Flamur Noka, in his speech at the opposition protest, said that this is the Albanian spring to oust Edi Rama from power.

He added that Charles McGonigal lobbied to declare Sali Berisha non grata and that in his file, Prime Minister Edi Rama is both corrupt and corrupt.

" This day will be remembered for a long time. We are convinced that this moment will go down in history with this great flood, which aims to interrupt the darkest project, the blackest scenario that has threatened the country in these 33 years, Edi Rama's ominous plan against pluralism.

A person who has been governing for 11 years, who has seized all the powers, who buys votes, who divided the country's wealth, who is in charge of every affair, who gives millions of euros to family members, who travels like a sheikh by plane from your taxes, that makes a garden here 4 million euros. He just does it not for you but for personal whims. Today with this great flood, this person is the only one who is sad because he could not destroy the opposition, the dream of kingship.

Brothers, even though he imprisoned our leader, with a political and bandit process and the end without evidence, we are here to tell Edi Rama that the opposition is here. Even though he used McGonigal for Sali Berisha's political wife, Edi Rama still failed to subdue us. In that file, Rama turns out to be both corrupt and corrupt. That's why we tell him that we no longer recognize you as prime minister.

We are here today to tell him that you will have that ending, without glory. As a punishment that will be given to you by the people that you betrayed and trampled on. We are here to tell you that this square will determine your end. These people are witnesses that you will not only lose your privileges and your office, but that a bad, unbearable period will begin for you. You will account for every cent you stole from the Albanians. Today we are going to tell him that the power belongs to the people, so no institution that you try to control will be able to rise above the power of the people. We are today more united than ever, as you have asked for a long time. We will not stop until we provide the country with a free vote ", said Noka.

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