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"Rama and Bolino also cheated with the earthquake", Berisha: The state put at the disposal of the property that they were going to rob

"Rama and Bolino also cheated with the earthquake", Berisha: The state

" Rama-Bolino in the documentary of their public fraud, say that Berisha has labeled as a big scandal the fact that after signing the contract to rent an old building for which total reconstruction was defined as an obligation, the building was demolished and rebuilt.
What Berisha does not show, they say in their Rama-Bolino documentary, is that on November 26, 2019, the earthquake fatally damaged the structure of the building and the building collapsed. The Construction Institute ordered the demolition and because that it was a state building, in order to demolish it, a VKM was required as the law defines it. The demolition was carried out entirely at the expense of Report TV. This is why the word total reconstruction was also changed in the contract to the word reconstruction no less than the surface of the existing building. And at the end of the contract it is said to return it to the state or return it to his pocket, says the deception of Rama and Bolino in their documentary. The documents say something else.
In this long clarification, Rama and Bolino lie again. First, the construction permit was approved on 13.1.2020, only 48 days after the earthquake of 26.11.2019. So, all the structures were at the disposal of this business, which had left no one homeless. The others were staying in tents and still are today, while the whole state was focused on the property that Rama and Bolino would rob.
So all the procedures of damage assessment, declaration of the building by the Institute of Construction as DS5, making of the project by the architects after the change of the business plan, assessment by the Ministry of Finance as the owner of the buildings and finally the approval of the permits were carried out. All this in the span of 48 days, which is never found in the annals of the state. Record time while the state was in emergency, as even today there are unfortunate people who are in tents.
Rama and Bolino themselves say that they will either return it to the state, or to their pocket. So they accept that the amendment made by Edi Rama was intended to rob property.
They cannot return it to their pocket, because the law of restitution and compensation of property, basic laws in the field of ownership, are laxative, the alienation of property passes it immediately to the expropriated. So, it is returned to the families who were robbed of the land that they had left for their souls, for sevap for the children of the neighborhood.
In their public fraud documentary, Rama and Bolino say that the earthquake forced them to do legal procedures with a VKM for the demolition of the buildings, but the truth is different since the government after the earthquake took these steps:
A-Approved the construction permit on 13.1. 2020.
B-Approved VKM number 157, 19..2.2020, for granting approval for an addition, but what did the addition of 870 meters of land have to do with the earthquake? No job, it was about their thirst to conquer as much land as possible.
An addition to the rental contract with a fee of 1 euro, giving the second floor of one of the buildings, do you understand or not, this one above says the buildings were flattened by the earthquake, now it gives the second floor of a building, these are scammers dangerous public.
C-Approval of VKM 368 for the demolition of three leased buildings.
So, after the earthquake that devastated Rama and Bolino, the government first took care to approve the construction permit for a new building and to give a contract extension of 872 meters. What Rama and Bolino hide is that the moment those buildings were demolished, the purpose of the contract no longer exists.
When the buildings were demolished, the contract is void because the contract provided the three buildings for reconstruction and use.
The buildings collapsed due to the earthquake, the contract that the buildings were given in the tender and the rent was set at 63 thousand euros per month, which was later reduced to 1 euro, disappeared.

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