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Rama refused the interpellation for Xibraka and Olsi Rama, Berisha: The Prime Minister is violating the Constitution

Rama refused the interpellation for Xibraka and Olsi Rama, Berisha: The Prime

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, in a post on Facebook, reacted after denying the opposition's request for an interview with Prime Minister Edi Rama about "Olsi Rama's connections with Xibraka". 

Berisha writes on Facebook that Rama continues with flagrant violations of the Constitution and that he is trying to hide his brother's connections with international cocaine trafficking.

Edi Rama, in flagrant violation of the Constitution, refuses to appear in the interpellation called by the Chairman of the DP Parliamentary Group, Gazmend Bardhi, for the documented role of Olsi Rama, Edi Rama's brother, in the Albanian-Colombian cocaine group that he had installed in the village Xibraka in state warehouses, the largest cocaine factory in the Balkans.

We recall here that Article 80 sanctions: "The Prime Minister and every other member of the Council of Ministers is obliged to answer the interpellations and questions of the deputies within 3 weeks".

In addition, yesterday, in an unprecedented anti-constitutional act and in open opposition to articles 98-99 of the rules of the Assembly, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party, Bledi Çuçi, declared in the Presidency of the Assembly that he will not accept the request for a motion with a debate for the Prime Minister Rama presented by the Chairman of the DP Parliamentary Group.

The Democratic Party strongly condemns the continued denial of the constitutional rights of opposition MPs by Edi Rama and his suite and declares that it will never agree to these unconstitutional acts with which Edi Rama seeks to cover up his brother's direct ties his with the international cocaine traffic and thus protect the mafia family activity of the Rama clan.

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