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Personal Data Report, Vasili: Transparency in this country is in decline

Personal Data Report, Vasili: Transparency in this country is in decline

The vice-president of the Freedom Party, Petrit Vasili, commented on the report of the Commissioner for personal data, where he said that the latter is a safe tool of the government, and that the right to information is not working for the citizens.

Vasili from the Assembly also showed his case where he addressed a request for information to this institution, but did not receive an answer and cited that "He is the shepherd of this institution, what can the media achieve when it is reserved for the MP".

" In the entire civilized world and the Balkans, institutions are in front of governments. We have silent institutions here, they do no harm. Transparency is zero. There are endless requests for information when news comes in from abroad. We look at routine reports, which have no news.

Transparency in this country is at the point, going down and down. and in the last elections, after the scandal that filled all the media, the Commissioner reacted on May 11 to the messages of the opposition candidate in Tirana.

Hundreds of messages came from members of the SP electoral campaign, and there was no response. Can this be believed anymore?! I had a personal history with this institution, while it was about being informed by the municipality of Tirana.

I was asked to fill out a correct form. The delay was outrageous, the deadlines were shamefully violated. Since then, a grave silence has fallen. I was expecting a reaction. The Commissioner is not concerned. But what can the media or the ordinary citizen achieve", he said.

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