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Braçe's/Kelliçi's reaction: He spoke loudly against free professions

Braçe's/Kelliçi's reaction: He spoke loudly against free

Belind Kelliçi, a member of the Presidency of the Democratic Party, was also present at today's protest against the taxation of freelancers.

During his speech, Kelliçi stopped at a placard of a protester that read "We love taxes as much as Erion Braçe", based on yesterday's reaction of the socialist deputy in the Parliament, where he said that the free professionals should leave, not only in Kosovo , wherever they want, after income tax.

Kelliçi said that Braçe expressed hatred and hatred towards free professions and had no problem with the brains and the middle class of Albanian society leaving the country as a result of this tax.

Kelliçi: For the first time, it makes me agree when I see Erion Braçe's name just once. That banner that says 'we love taxes as much as Erion Braçe'. Seeing the reaction of a majority MP yesterday in the Parliament, seeing the hatred he had for the free professions where he had no problem with them going to Kosovo, I was glad that there were protesters who have evidenced this rhetoric of a the former deputy prime minister of this government, who yesterday spoke out against free professions with anger and hatred. All this battle that takes place with the brains of the middle class of our country is done to get 30 million euros a year and to take them to the incinerator of Tirana, a ghost that does not exist.

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