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"Socialists tax the honest up to 23%", Tabaku: The corrupt escape with fiscal amnesty

"Socialists tax the honest up to 23%", Tabaku: The corrupt escape with

Jorida Tabaku has spoken out against the tax increase for freelancers. In today's parliamentary session, the deputy of the Democratic Party considered it a "socialist tax" that will increase informality.

According to Tabaku, socialists tax up to 23% those who work honestly, while people who steal and commit corruption escape through fiscal amnesty by legalizing their money.

"They penalize the work that today, unfortunately, this government does not appreciate the professional. It does not appreciate the one who earns an honest income. It does not appreciate the middle class. At least be honest with people and citizens, be honestly even with the ones that will change your tax and taxes within a day. 20 million euros more will be paid by 17 thousand free professionals, lawyers, accountants, doctors, dentists, pharmacists. This is the middle class of society."

"Then my colleagues ask what the socialist tax is. The socialist tax is the one that taxes the one who works the hardest, the one who is more honest. If you are not honest, you will have fiscal amnesty. If you stole, if you committed corruption, you will the legalization of cannabis. You will have the opportunity, if you are corrupt, to legalize your money through the fiscal amnesty. But if you worked, they will be taxed up to 23%."

"Why do I think that this law is unfair? Small business in these years, from 2013 onwards, has been the most penalized. They have done tests, they have done experiments, they have included it in the VAT scheme, they have removed it from the scheme . Every time the elections approach, they promise low taxes. In 2029, the government will present it like any other form of business."

"Where do they have the courage to say that after they have fled the government, you will have this tax. Tax policy is the mandate of the government. This is unconstitutional for this principle, for the principle of changing taxes with a deferred time effect on time. Second, is it possible to tax as a small business a natural person who has increased risk at work, a risk that comes from many activities that come from taking on the risk," stated Tabaku .

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