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SPAK registers a new criminal proceeding for Veliaj, Kelliçi: We have information about the property investigation

SPAK registers a new criminal proceeding for Veliaj, Kelliçi: We have

The member of the Democratic People's Committee, Belind Këlliçi, reacted after the initiation of criminal proceedings by SPAK against the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj.

In the statement to the media, Kelliçi emphasized that Veliaj will be held responsible for every crime he has committed, as according to him he is still in the office of the Mayor of Tirana, with votes bought with the money of crime and corruption.

He added that they will also submit information about the property investigation.


Yesterday, the official request of the Special Prosecutor's Office for obtaining financial data for Erion Veliaj and his close family members was made public in the media.

Many people thought that it was a simple property investigation, but in the meantime, in the official letter of SPAK addressed to the Second Level Banks, and to our knowledge also to other institutions, it is quoted:

"The Special Prosecutor's Office Against Corruption and Organized Crime has registered a criminal proceeding, for the purpose of which we request that you make available to us any information related to banking operations and any financial transactions carried out inside and outside the country, for the following citizens: Erion Veliaj, Ajola Xoxa, Arbër Veliaj, Shqiponjë Veliaj".

From what is understood from this SPAK letter, the Special Prosecutor's Office has registered a criminal proceeding on the basis of the indications and in function of which it seeks the financial data and banking movements inside and outside Albania of these citizens.

So, the corruption money of the actual owner of the Tirana incinerator and the 5D Erion Veliaj gang is being sought, both inside and outside our country.

This thief who is still in the office of the mayor of Tirana, with votes bought with the money of crime and corruption, is being investigated for several issues:

1. The ghost incinerator of Tirana

An affair for which we have made available to SPAK over 1,600 pages of authentic documents and materials, which prove beyond any doubt that Erion Veliaj ordered the financial activity of this company, determining which tower in Tirana paid for the deposit of soil in Sharre, which tower no.

We have invoiced SPAK the questionable sources of funding for this concession with Russian and Iranian money, asking SPAK to confirm through a letter of order also Erion Veliaj's visits and meetings in Iran.

This evening, we will again prove to SPAK that Erion Veliaj is not simply a customer of the Tirana incinerator as he declares, but is the de facto owner who also decides which municipality pays for the waste and which does not.

2. Folder 5D

An unprecedented affair of 100% corruption with public tenders, reported by me on April 26, 2023, whose investigative actions have revealed not only 6 thieving directors, but a private communication application led by Erion Veliajn, communications which can to be the reason for the investigation that was made public yesterday.

3. ECO Tirana

The investigation, which was completed with documentation from the Group of Experts at the DP just 2 weeks ago, where we found the connection of how the recycling business and the relationship with AMIA Verona, a company accused in Italy of its links with the Ndranghetta criminal group, had started precisely by Erion Veliaj since he was first a Minister in the Rama 1 Government and then concluded with the introduction of Veliaj to the office of the Mayor of Tirana.

Dear citizens,

These 3 investigations are the main focus of the work of the Group of Experts at the PD. From yesterday, the focus will be on the new report registered against the citizen Erion Veliaj. In yesterday's letter, several other people are missing, about whom we will officially inform SPAK within 2 weeks.

We guarantee the Albanian citizens that the PD will continue to make full transparency for all the thieving directors and officials of the Municipality of Tirana, who until today have benefited from hundreds of millions of euros in tenders and construction permits with their own company Erion Veliajt, never allowing these investigations have the fate of investigations of the Elbasan incinerator or the sterilization concession.

Erion Veliaj will bear responsibility for all the crimes he has committed in this decade of his rampant corrupt power, starting with Ardit Gjoklajn, with the Tirana incinerator, with the 5D gang, with the collapse of the National Theater and ending with the rape and forcibly evicting the residents of 5 Mait, Unaza e Re, Lapraka and Myslym Keta from their homes.

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