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The goal is unification, Bylykbashi: PD has an open door for every democrat

The goal is unification, Bylykbashi: PD has an open door for every democrat

"It's done!" This is how PD vice-president Oerd Bylykbashi started his speech, as he spoke at today's gathering below the apartment of PD leader Sali Berisha.

After the Court of Appeal restored the stamp of the DP, Bylykbashi stated that the goal is to unite every democrat around the flag of the DP, around the cause of the DP, around the leader of the DP, Sali Berisha, in order to win the next elections.

He further added that PD has its door open for every democrat

Oerd Bykybashi: Good evening democrats! Done! Victory! My democratic friends, you have resisted not only these days. It has been almost 3 years since we started an extraordinary battle for democracy and pluralism in Albania.

My friends, there are extraordinary emotions that I address on this important day for everyone, not only the democrats, not only those who support the DP and the opposition, but all those who think that Albania will be a better country because pluralism, democracy and freedom work for them.

Dear democrats, I want to remind all the democrats of your reaction on that night of September 9, I want to remind all those extraordinary epic political movements, without any precedent neither in Albania nor in the Balkans, led by the indisputable leader of PD and the opposition, Sali Berisha.

All the successive pulpits that lifted the hearts of the democrats, but of all Albanians who are looking for a different Albania. An extraordinary political journey that restored hope that there can be democracy in this country. That democracy that Rama and those he had paid were suffocating every day.

My friends, let me remind you of the work we did together to go to that extraordinary Assembly for the impact it had on the life of the DP and all democracy in Albania. December 11, the Assembly of Democrats will remain in the memory of Albanians, just like the establishment of the DP in December 1990.

Well friends, it was all of you who got involved, gathered the signatures and gave hope to democracy. My friends, I want to remind you of all the efforts we have made these two and a half years from that extraordinary Assembly to once again revive the democratic spirit.

To show that it is not the stamp that is important, but the vote of the Democrats that casts in this country is important. We have made an extraordinary journey for pluralism. Without pluralism, democracy dies. This was Edi Rama's plan, when he corrupted the DP leadership, hit the opposition, hit the indisputable leader of the DP, Sali Berisha.

Yes, we are all here together. Under the leadership of DP we have described this journey that may seem like an ordeal. But this is an extraordinary moment that fills our hearts because the DP flag is flying legally and proudly in the eyes of democrats and Albanians.

We proved our creed that in democracy the vote counts. We have believed and will continue to believe that only democratic principles will lead us to what is our goal, the unification of every democrat around the flag of the DP, around the cause of the DP, around the leader of the DP, Sali Berisha, to win the elections next.

Our invitation has been from the first day, continues and will be for every democrat who has accepted the symbol of the DP, its flag as the one that leads in this journey of freedom from December 1990 until today. PD has its door open for every democrat. Let us all unite without distinction in this extraordinary effort of ours, under the direction of the president of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, to overthrow this narco-state, this regime of Edi Rama. Today is a big day for all of us.

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