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Tabaku: Socialists are becoming a facade of corruption

Tabaku: Socialists are becoming a facade of corruption

DP MP Jorida Tabaku spoke about government corruption and the opposition's offer.

In "Kafe Shqeto" on Syri TV, Tabaku emphasized the corruption with laws that is being developed by the majority, where according to her socialist colleagues are becoming the facade of corruption, through voting in the crowd.

Tabaku also focused on the violation of the legal procedure by the SP deputies.

Tabaku: There is another area of ​​corruption with laws, that when I turn to my socialist colleagues and tell them that the vote does not have to be a crowd because there cannot be a crowd of votes, everyone votes individually. Even we in our parliamentary group, when we believe or don't believe in something, we exercise this right through voting, and then the socialist colleagues start and say of course they are worried and say that you cite me a case when I have defended a corrupt affair, while everyone is they become a facade of corruption. Not to discuss the legal procedure that has been trampled on, that has fallen to the ground, without consultation without discussion. They have started this new theory of laws that the deputies bring and the government no longer brings them, because when the government brings them it is a consultation process that will be decided online for at least 45 days, there is a stricter procedure, while when they bring the deputies with a read a piece of paper in the committee, make it a fait accompli and say let's vote on it, not even for 24 hours.

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