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Pink October, Berisha appeals: In Albania it is the 4th most frequent form, prevention is the best way

Pink October, Berisha appeals: In Albania it is the 4th most frequent form,

The President of the DP, Sali Berisha, is holding a meeting with the women and girls of the Women's Democratic League in Elbasan, as part of the awareness month against breast cancer.

From Elbasan, Berisha has appealed to all women and girls that the best way to avoid breast cancer is to prevent and catch it in the earliest stages.

Berisha : In politics, for me, illness is an enemy. John Kennedy describes the disease as such. As a doctor, disease is a problem, especially cancer, it is a very serious problem, to which a very serious attitude is required.

Before I say two words, I want to bow down with the greatest respect to those girls and women, but also men and boys, who face the cancer disease. They are all true heroes.

There is a poet that I read often, Maja Anxhelu, among other things in her poems there is a poem about the unsung heroes, that are not sung. And in fact, such are the sick. That poem is very dear to me.

I express the greatest respect for the heroism they show in battle with an enemy and I wish from the bottom of my heart that they will have more and more success in this battle.

The truth is that the difference in the outcome of medication today is dramatic. The improvements are undeniable, the successes are real, but still the problems remain huge.

They remain big because, since today we are in Pink October and it is dedicated to the awareness that needs to be raised against breast and cervical cancer. It is extremely important that these forms of breast, which are frequent, in Albania it is the 4th most frequent form, and the 3rd in the world, are prevented. It affects hundreds and hundreds of women in life and takes life.

The best way is prevention followed by the earliest possible catch. An awareness of both these stages is decisive in the outcome and its avoidance and the successful treatment of its forms. The genesis of this disease is more complex, there are a series of factors.

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