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"DP's concerns about the elections were included", Berisha: I welcome the resolution of the European Parliament

"DP's concerns about the elections were included", Berisha: I

Sali Berisha held a meeting with 61 candidates, mayors and heads of branches of the Democratic Party. He began his speech with a greeting to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, which approved a resolution on Albania on May 24.

The major problems of the country are reflected in that resolution.

"First of all, I warmly greet all the leaders and candidates of the 'Together We Win' coalition for the great effort you made in a campaign in the most unequal conditions. I congratulate those candidates who received the mandate for mayor. I thank all the candidate teams from the bottom of my heart , all members and all who committed to the success of our candidates in this most unequal battle ever fought."

"Before I dwell on the issue for which this meeting was called, I would like, on behalf of the DP, to thank the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, which approved a resolution on Albania on May 24, a resolution in which the country's major problems are reflected , so I am also reading the following statement."

"Last week, the EP Foreign Affairs Committee approved the report on Albania 2022. The text presented by the socialist MP Isabel Santos was added with amendments from the European People's Parties. Regarding the elections on May 14, the report emphasizes that the freedom of parties must be guaranteed in Albania to appear in the elections without the intervention of other state actors. This passage is attributed to the DP. Due to the deadlines, the numerous issues of the elections were not presented."

"The European Parliament criticizes the decision to overturn the parliamentary investigation into the McGonigal scandal. The European Parliament is scandalized by the contract of the Port of Durres with a company from the United Arab Emirates, as this contract violates the SAA. The report also states that projects like that of The Port of Durrës must implement the public procurement law."

"The European Parliament expresses concern about the regression of freedom of media and expression. It also requires an investigation into the illegal demolition of assets related to independent media, such as the case of Prestige Resort. The report expresses concern that there is no progress in the fight against money laundering of crime."

"I want to thank all the members of the European Parliament, the working group created in the DP with Mr. Oerd Bylykbashi, Albana Vokshi, Genc Pollo and other collaborators, who, in an intensive communication with European parliamentarians, managed to present the situation and problems."

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