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The decision of the Appeal for the seal, Argita Malltezi: The decision of a justice that reflects normality

The decision of the Appeal for the seal, Argita Malltezi: The decision of a

Argita Malltezi spoke after the Appeal decision that gave the stamp of the DP to Sali Berisha.

In an interview given to A2 CNN, Malltezi emphasized that Basha has contributed to the destruction of the DP over the years.

" I think that PD has always invited for unification. The doors are open to every democrat. Basha has no contribution for this day, he has contributed to the capture of the opposition and its destruction over the years. Mistakes should not be forgotten, otherwise they are repeated. I think he has closed every door to himself".

Asked if after this Berisha should leave as the leader of the DP and pave the way for her race at the head of the DP, Malltezi answered: " I have been part of the DP since '90. Centrists don't fight back once they've won a battle. We won a battle, we have more battles to win until we win the war, which is the overthrow of Rama. After that, Berisha said a referendum for prime minister".

Without hiding his emotions about the return of the PD seal, Malltezi said that this is a decision of a justice that reflects normality, despite other decisions, for which she stands by the statements for the court caught.

"It is a simple decision, but the return of normality in the legal prism is very important. All the people who come to the street and this atmosphere shows it. We have a duty as ordinary citizens to denounce everything that deviates from the path of the law and shows the seizure of justice.

Justice may not be caught, it may be wrong, but when the wrong is persistent it is justice caught. I stand by what I have said, they are the decisions of a captured justice. This is the decision of a justice that reflects normality. There is also a judiciary not captured by Rama".

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