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The decision in Britain/Berisha: The procedure proved that for Sali Berisha there is no evidence, no facts

The decision in Britain/Berisha: The procedure proved that for Sali Berisha

"Dear resistance fighters, true missionaries of truth, hope, faith and the future of Albanians.
I greet you with boundless gratitude.
I greet the eloquent orators of this platform.
Dear friends, today I and every Albanian who says to himself the Albanian lives by his own sweat, they have achieved a real victory. Today ,
they brought out the face of transnational corruption in front of the Albanians, with all their ugliness
of Albanians and corruption, we achieved an indisputable victory.
Dear friends, after the exclusion, as the English call it, of Sali Berisha from entering Great Britain, I decided not to lobby, but to sue in the courts for defamation,
but British law did not allow going to court without appeals to the Special Appeals Committee, which reviews the Home Office's decisions as a committee.
So a commission had to look into the complaint and after its opinion, I gained the right to appeal to the English court system.
Today, in its decision, the Special Appeals Commission for Immigration Complaints states that it did not investigate whether the allegations against Berisha are true or not.
In paragraph 17 of the decision, this commission states that it investigated whether the Secretary of State correctly analyzed the evidence before her.
But once again, I emphasize that the procedure we followed was extremely valuable, for each of you, for each Albanian.
This procedure proved that for Sali Berisha, for the decision against him, there is no evidence, no truth, no fact, only shame, only slander, only fiction.
This showed that the decision against Sali Berisha is the work of transnational Albanian-British corruption."

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