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Alone or with DP in the election?' Here's what Ilir Meta said

Alone or with DP in the election?' Here's what Ilir Meta said

The head of the PL, Ilir Meta, has answered the question of the journalist Ambrozia Meta about the upcoming elections and how he will enter this single race or in a coalition with the PD.

Meta, invited to Çim Peka Live on SYRI TV, explained that PD has a big problem with organization, something that has been inherited since the time of Sali Berisha before 2013 and until these moments in the last local elections of 2023 -sell.

Excerpts from the studio debate:

Abrozia Meta: You have expressed your dissatisfaction with the way the opposition coalition has functioned. Will you go to the elections alone or in a coalition with DP?

Ilir Meta: First of all, the dear Democratic Party, after Berisha I think I have done more and then I can give facts, has a big problem with the organization.

Artan Hoxha, the president told me that it is very nice about the organization of DP, that this party was born as a rally party and unfortunately it continues as it is because of Berisha's charisma and his relationship with the masses.

PD has always had organizational problems and I told this to the doctor and I felt it when we were in the coalition in the 2011 elections because it focused all the work on the ministers and directors and this created a great dissatisfaction among the militants who had been avoided ignored as it happened to us. The costs have been taken by the honest people and they have taken the benefits of the abuses and become revivalists.

PD has had this problem since Berisha was in charge, PD deepened it even more with Mr. Basha who was a master of disorganization and demotivation.

The DP must make up its mind to come to power and not spend time in the opposition. In order to come to power, a perfect organization is needed, this thing is missing, I felt that the DP was disorganized in the local elections. There was hope that he would receive the stamp on the eve of the elections, which could never happen. It was unclear to the councilors how they would be resolved, and there was a great deal of chaos in the end at all.

I went to Fier to give support to Mr. Kodheli, I went without anyone calling me, and in the meeting with the LSI structures, 200 people were only the candidate with his own T-shirt and no one else, I got irritated and asked the young people why they are not dressed, they told me that they did not come yesterday, very late, only 1 week before the elections. When we saw the PD headquarters, I told them to go meet those people, and when we went there, the door was locked, we didn't even have a key with us, it was empty, the only good thing was that I took the shirts and told those young people that dress up and go out with the candidate.

The Freedom Party is led by Selvina.








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