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"Vucic had an order from the Kremlin not to sign", Berisha about the meeting in Ohrid: As long as he is in power, there is no agreement with Kosovo

"Vucic had an order from the Kremlin not to sign", Berisha about the

Sali Berisha reacted regarding the meeting that took place in Ohrid, North Macedonia between the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti and the President of Serbia, Aleksandër Vucic.

The former prime minister made a post on his "Facebook" profile, where he declared that what happened was a sul generis agreement, which was not accepted to be signed by Vucic as he had received orders from the Kremlin.

Sali Berisha further emphasizes that this attitude of Vucic proves that "as long as he is in power, he will never sign an agreement with Kosovo"


Ohrid a sui generis agreement! Or no agreement. Vucic did not sign although Kurti accepted the association!

Friends, the long-hour meeting in Ohrid ended with 'success', but the agreement was not signed because it was not signed by the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic. At the penultimate meeting in Brussels, he made it clear that he did not sign after Prime Minister Kurti refused to discuss the association. Meanwhile, at the Ohrid meeting, Prime Minister Kurti agreed to discuss the association and, just like in Brussels, he was ready to sign the Franco-German agreement.

In the end, Vučič declared that he did not sign anything and that he does not sign international legal agreements with Kosovo. But he did not say that Kurti refused to discuss the association and explained why he did not sign, because according to him, Kosovo is not an internationally recognized state, despite the fact that it has been recognized by 95% of the free countries of the world.

He also said he agreed on some points, but did not say which points he disagreed with. So he shows that he treats the Franco-German agreement as a basket in which he can buy only what he wants. In fact he did not sign because he was ordered by the Kremlin not to sign the Franco-German plan that obliges him to implement EU sanctions against Russia. He does not agree that his country should leave the Russian umbrella and transform from Little Russia in the Balkans into European Serbia. Vučić does not pursue the interests of the Serbian nation, but pursues those of primitive Serbian conflictual ultra-nationalism.

Pra në Oher nuk pati marrëveshje të firmosur sepse presidenti i serbomadhisë Aleksandër Vuçiç nuk firmosi ndonëse marrëveshja si çdo marrëveshje tjetër për të qënë ligjerisht detyruese, duhej firmosur. Ideja se monitorimi nga BE i zbatimit të marveshjes së dakortësuar, gjatë pocesit të negociatave për anëtarësim të BE e bënë atë një marrëveshje sui generis e cila de facto as de jure nuk mund të zëvendësojë një marrëveshje të firmosur detyruese bilaterale.

This attitude of Mr. Vucic proves that as long as he is in power, he will never sign an agreement with Kosovo. The Kosovo-Serbia agreement is of primary importance not only for the two countries, but also the region and even Europe. Therefore, he thinks that instead of calling and accepting an unsigned document as an agreement, the party that refuses to sign it should face the consequences announced by the EU and the US for those who refuse to sign it. Otherwise, the delay will be long and costly.


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