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"It's the end of abuse", Berisha: Check-up of Rama's cousin receives a million euros and does nothing

"It's the end of abuse", Berisha: Check-up of Rama's cousin

The Chief Democrat, Sali Berisha, held a meeting with the women of the Women's Democratic League in Elbasan as part of "Pink October" in raising awareness and the fight against breast cancer. 

During the speech, Berisha accused the Rama government that instead of buying mammograms for every city in the country, it installed an installation costing 4 million euros in the Prime Minister's yard.

Berisha added that the check-up done by the prime minister's cousin and receiving tens of millions of euros, is the bottom line in the abuse of citizens' health. 

Berisha : Let's go back to prevention and early diagnosis. They are the most important weapons in the hands of every woman and girl, because the others are ignored. Unfortunately, a city ranked among the 10 worst in the world, which is Tirana, does not at all guarantee the coherent treatment of diseases today.

I said, the disease is a serious process and requires a serious attitude. There can be no dubious attitudes towards her. Can't miss the medicine today because it wastes the time of cell dominance.

I was reading a material about prevention. In the national strategy of the fight against cancer, a total of 6% of the funding was provided. Is there greater ignorance than this, at a time when the waste in other expenses is appalling.

The instillation that he says is bought, 4 million euros, which is placed in the yard for him to see, who else does not see it. Yes, with 4 million euros, you can buy a mammogram and take it to any small town in the country. Check-up that pays its cousin tens and tens of millions, which has no scientific value. The only value would be screening for cancer, it has value. It's worth it. Because it helps what it catches faster and that form has won the certificate.

But the check-up that the prime minister's cousin does and receives tens and tens of millions of euros is the end of the abuse of citizens' health. You will help, take and define the methodology, the mass screening of women, girls and women and other groups who are interested. But that doesn't happen.

There is not an organized thing. Do mobile mammograms, no response. It becomes a massive abuse. Nothing is organized. It had to be the national registry. The organization of the national cancer registry was decided in 2013. To date they have done nothing.

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