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OMONIA against Rama: He gives state properties in Himare to the "strategists" of the court

OMONIA against Rama: He gives state properties in Himare to the

The Democratic Union of the Greek Ethnic Minority (OMONIA) has accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of dividing the community and spreading national hatred with his statements.

 The reaction comes in connection with the Prime Minister's statements from Himara, where he distributed some ownership certificates.

OMONIA claims that Rama distributed the certificates for the apartments of the Himarjots and not for the properties on the coast, which he reserved for his courtiers.


 "The Prime Minister of Albania Mr. Edi Rama, stuck in a dead end for which he is exclusively responsible, continues the crescendo of practices of dividing the community of Himara, manipulating citizens, ultimately violating the principles of the rule of law, the equality of citizens and the law .

Today he returned to Himarë with the illusion that enough time has passed to forget about the consequences caused by the imprisonment and detention of the elected Mayor of the Municipality in the local community. Fred Beller.

He repeated one of the disgusted shows of micropolitics that are suitable for him, thus preparing the ground for the process of early elections that he is planning through the decisions of the controlled judicial authorities.

However, he exceeded the limits of tolerance: As a traveling public figure and not a statesman, he distributed property titles for Himariot apartments. Not for the areas of essential economic importance on the coast, which it reserves as it has until now for the "strategic investors" of the yard", the statement says.

In the following, OMONIA emphasizes that with property certificates of the state, the Cadastre system that the European Union financially supports, tries to make party politics.

"Even the presence of the party machinery leaves no room for other interpretation. He did not avoid verbally attacking the President of PBDNJ, who represents the real opposition in the Municipality, ignoring that in this way he cultivates the language of hatred and division in the local community and in the wider Greek community. These are the practices that the communist regime applied in our country by classifying the members of the Greek Ethnic Minority into ours and our opponents.

It revealed that the assignment of the duty of the Prefect of Vlora to a person of Greek origin, proven in analogous missions, aims to promote further divisive policies with the aim of manipulating the local community. He blackmailed citizens of Greek origin not to self-identify as such because it is not in their interest.

The Prime Minister has been called for many months now, but he turns a deaf ear possessed by the illusion that in the end he will be able to subjugate the society of the citizens of Himara and continue with the practice of the feudal lord robbing the land, violating and abusing the interests of the residents of the area. Basically, it makes it more difficult to get out of the labyrinth where he is trapped because he has lost his composure and fair judgment," the statement said.

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