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ALL 735.9 billion were approved in 7 minutes, what does the 2024 budget provide?

ALL 735.9 billion were approved in 7 minutes, what does the 2024 budget provide?

Today, amid chaos and tensions, the majority approved the 735.9 billion ALL budget for the year 2024 alone without the votes of the opposition. Clause by clause, Speaker of Parliament Lindita Nikolla passed the draft law, which affects the middle classes, the citizens.

But, a budget approved amid tensions and chaos where even Nikola himself did not listen to the words he dictated "for, against, abstention", is not supposed to be heard by the people, the one for whom this draft budget was approved.

But what does the 2024 budget contain, or more specifically, where will the 735.9 billion ALL that was approved in 7 minutes go?

The budget for the year will focus on the continuation of the salary reform for the state sector with the aim of achieving an average salary of 900 euros. For 2024, 11 billion ALL will be spent on this reform.

There are also about 7.8 billion lek that will be allocated to pensioners, which includes indexing and giving the bonus for the end of the year.

As far as the municipalities are concerned, the revenues are planned at 71.1 billion ALL, where 36.5 billion ALL is the value of the unconditional transfer that will go as support from the state budget to the local government.

Public investments are planned in the amount of 128.5 billion ALL, where 7 billion ALL are dedicated to the reconstruction process to cope with the consequences of the 2019 earthquake.

There are also PPPs and concessions for the next year that are planned in the amount of 14.2 billion ALL.

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