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Ahmetaj used two identities / How he spent over 93 thousand euros in one night at the casino

Ahmetaj used two identities / How he spent over 93 thousand euros in one night

Arben Ahmetaj, former Deputy Prime Minister, declared internationally wanted by SPAK, it turns out that he used two identities. This, at least, refers to the investigative file that SPAK has for the former Deputy Prime Minister, who has been charged with corruption, concealment of wealth and money laundering.

Referring to the data from the SPAK file, the two identities for Arben Ahmetaj were created due to the date of his birthday.

More specifically, referring to SPAK investigative data, in the report dated October 10, 2023, it is noted that the citizen Arben Ahmetaj has a second identity (Alias) in the police databases with the same name and surname, but his birthday is June 27 1969 instead of the 28th June.

SPAK has provided these data from the Swiss authorities, which responded to a letter from the Albanian justice system two months after Arben Ahmetaj was given the "prison arrest" security measure.

An interesting detail in the file is the one that talks about how the former Deputy Prime Minister spent more than 93 thousand euros in a casino in 1 night.

"Citizen Arben Ahmetaj has the status of an asylum seeker in Switzerland since September 20, 2023 and is the holder of a residence permit valid until January 9, 2024, who has the same address as citizen Erjola Hoxha," the order letter states. arrived from Switzerland.

In the investigation report, information was given about the address where Ahmetaj lived with his cohabitant and his minor daughter, the new job that his cohabitant, Erjola Hoxha, had started and the fact that she was paid over 9,000 Swiss francs a month.

SPAK has sent requests to Switzerland for the extradition of the former number two of the government, but there is no answer for the decision-making, as both their request and Ahmetaj's request for political asylum are being examined at the same time.


In the investigation file, other facts are also related, according to which Arben Ahmetaj has spent in just one night in a casino in Malta the amount of 93 thousand and 500 euros, data made available by the justice authorities there.

The businessman Mirel Mërtiri as well as the brother-in-law of Arben Ahmetaj turns out to be registered in the same casino.

Arben Ahmetaj is currently facing justice in Switzerland to gain asylum status, while he has made serious accusations against the Prime Minister.

Along with him, his ex-wife, as well as the two bosses of the incinerators, Mirel Mërtiri and Klodian Zoto, both on the run, have been charged. Ahmetaj, according to SPAK, has benefited from significant sums of money in the form of gifts from the de facto owners of the Tirana incinerator, while they won tender concessions./ News24

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