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'He is a dangerous person', the chief investigator of communism: Why was the arrest of Edi Rama's grandfather wanted

'He is a dangerous person', the chief investigator of communism: Why

The head of the General Investigation of Albania 1982-1992, Qemal Lame, has recalled some of the cases when he was asked to arrest citizens during communism.

Invited to 'Opinion', Lame also focused on the case of Prime Minister Edi Rama's grandfather, Kristaq Rama's father.

Lame says that he was 82 years old and that his arrest was requested because he spoke badly of the party and that he did not agree with the reforms that the communist party was carrying out.

"He was 82 years old, I didn't know he was Kristaq Rama's father, while Edi had just finished his studies. He would be arrested for agitation and propaganda. The director of the State Security brought me the denunciation materials and told me that he is a dangerous person and should be arrested.

You know, he spoke against the party, he doesn't agree with the party, he doesn't agree with the reforms that are being made, and there was no activity from what I read. I understood that it was the security associates who took him and then come out as witnesses.

I said how to arrest an 82 year old, see if he has any activity and that in public opinion he doesn't. While I was returning from Tropoja, a teacher Irkuja Aliaj was sentenced for agitation and propaganda in a village of Tropoja, and I had gone on orders from Enveri. I told him to leave it at that, but after two months he came to me for the second time about the arrest and they said that he was the driver of Zogu," said Lame.

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