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The analyst makes the strong statement: Naimi allegedly had an extramarital affair with a man

The analyst makes the strong statement: Naimi allegedly had an extramarital

Analyst Arjan Curri has made a strong statement regarding the murder of Liridona Ademaj by her husband Naimi in Pristina.

Invited to Top Story, he said that the Kosovo Prosecutor's Office suspects that an extramarital affair could have been one of the causes of the murder.  

The second reason, according to him, is that the victim could have information about the money laundering that Naimi is suspected of dealing with.

" Criminology helps me. Why does a man become a murderer, among other things, due to the influence of gender. He was single because of the challenge his wife may have made, which may have been related to his sexual orientation. The prosecution in Kosovo is also suspecting a love triangle. The woman knew a bisexual relationship.

She allegedly had an extramarital affair with a man. These are not mine. A man who kills a woman is challenged. He doesn't understand, he says what is this. In other cases, they killed him out of fear that he would come out. These lead men to acts of violence because they are not men.

Feminicide has this. Another case is the threat that Liridona may have made on the issue of money laundering. Maybe his wife knew something that was revealed to him and killed him.

I think I believe the first, but also the second... Even from the animal world, aggression is between the same sexes.

Bexhet Pacolli was absent from the funeral, he may have given the villa to him, the prosecution must investigate. Why doesn't the godfather go to the two burials of Liridona, I have a reason why, but I can't say it live because I'm in trouble because it spoils the investigation tracks ." - said Curri.


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