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Dako's arrest, VOA: The prosecution suspects that the investigative secret was leaked

Dako's arrest, VOA: The prosecution suspects that the investigative secret

In Albania, the documents of the Special Prosecutor's Office prove that the case of the palace for which the former mayor of Durrës Vangjush Dako and many officials and former officials of this Municipality were arrested or are still wanted, is filled with countless irregularities. Almost the vast majority of the procedures that are followed from the construction phase have been completed after the construction was completed and the building was inhabited.

Even in the case of the tender, it turns out that despite the fact that it was announced by the High State Control, that the calculation of the value was almost 10 times higher, the Municipality of Durrës still made all the payments to the winning company. Of the 7 people for whom arrest with prison terms is sought, only two are in the hands of the authorities. The special prosecutor's office starts investigations to reveal the secret.

The numerous violations and the completion of the procedures after the palace itself was built, have caused, according to the Special Prosecutor's Office, what happened in Durrës, to be considered more like a legalization process than the implementation of a building permit.

It all started when the administrator of the construction company, Fiqiri Farrukun, among the people wanted for arrest, a few months after receiving the construction permit, submitted a second request, for an addition of several floors, which was approved, but it became clear. only in 2014, after 3 years, during which the act could not have any legal force. At the time this decision was revealed, the building was not only built, along with the additional floors, but also filled with residents.

After this moment, according to the prosecutor's office, the completion of other acts and procedures began, which "in fact should have been signed before the start of construction and during the implementation of the works, causing that the truth was not reflected in all these acts ".

Moreover, according to the Special Prosecutor's Office, "despite the fact that the building was not built even according to the project approved with the second permit, as there were deficiencies in the implementation of the works, the approval deed was drawn up by the inspector, in which it was stated that the building is built according to the project, when in fact nothing like that has resulted".

For the second case, that of a tender for the design of a public intervention, the Municipality of Durrës is found to have calculated the value of the limit fund, of 21 million new alleks, 10 times higher than determined in a government decision. A year after the winner was announced, the Supreme State Audit notified the municipality of this mistake, but according to the prosecution, not only did it not intervene to recover the damage, but it continued with the payment of the remaining 40 percent of the amount.

The special court yesterday approved the request of the Prosecution for 10 arrest warrants, of which 3 under house arrest. But of those who should have been under arrest, only former mayor Dako and a surveyor are in the hands of the authorities. All others are still searching. The Prosecutor's Office itself has doubts that the investigative secret has been released and today announced the opening of a special investigation for this case. VOA

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