Former official Alda Klosi is arrested, the cleaner stole over 150 thousand dollars from her apartment

Former official Alda Klosi is arrested, the cleaner stole over 150 thousand

Alda Klosi, former director of concessions in the Ministry of Finance a few years ago and until July 2022, chief of staff of former Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj, has been handcuffed.

Her arrest was carried out last night at dinner in the apartment, from which it is suspected that in the month of December, over 120 thousand euros and 30 thousand dollars were stolen from Rozeta Dobi, who worked as a cleaner in an apartment rented by Klos.

She has been escorted to the Tirana Police Directorate where she will be informed of the accusation and arrest, then according to the protocol she will be transferred to the security block until she appears before the court for the determination of the security measure. 

It is learned that Klos is charged with criminal offenses of money laundering and proceeds of crime.

Together with the cleaner, her son Javier Dobi was arrested, suspected of having collaborated with his mother in the robbery of the amount of money and Javier Dobi.

From the first data it is known that there were several statements made by Dobi to the police, which led to the arrest of Klos under the suspicion of "money laundering".

It was Klosi herself who made the complaint to the police, as she claimed that the money belonged to a person close to her who was going to be cured of a serious illness.

Doubts about the case increased after Klosi offered two different statements about the stolen money. On the day when the robbery took place in her apartment, she declared to the police that she only lacked an amount of money that was needed for expenses and daily vital functioning.

And only 3 weeks later, on January 7, when Rozeta Dobi was arrested, she suddenly announced that she had found that she was missing more than 120,000 euros and 30,000 dollars, which according to her she had taken from her uncle, to take care of for his house and son while he was in the US for treatment. Klos's uncle, a well-known dentist in the capital, died shortly afterwards in the United States.

After reporting the theft to the police and checks carried out in the apartment of mother and son, about 405 thousand euros, 8500 dollars and gold accessories were found, which are also suspected to have been stolen by the cleaner Rozeta Dobi.



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