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"That's where the crisis with Rama started", the former police chief reveals the "secret plan" for Dako's arrest

"That's where the crisis with Rama started", the former police


The former head of the police, Arben Hajdarmataj, has revealed the "secret plan" that was prepared years ago within the Rama government, for the arrest of the former mayor of Durrës, Vangjush Dako.

Hajdarmataj told Euronews Albania that it was the former Minister of the Interior, Fatmir Xhafaj, who agreed to Dako's arrest without Rama's knowledge. At this point, as the former police chief says, a rift started between Xhafaj and Rama.

The 'spy' who informed Rama of the plan was Ardi Veliu.

"The love between Edi Rama and Ardi Veli was born there. Fatmir Xhafaj as the Minister of the Interior was a powerful man who rivaled even the Prime Minister. At that time it was said that Xhafaj would arrest Dako without Rama's knowledge. In terms of the procedure, the order should have been issued by the prosecution, but it agreed to arrest Dako. The arrest was prepared. The general director notified the prime minister and this is where the crisis with Xhafa started ," Hajdarmataj said.

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