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Bardhi debates with Klos: What do you have to do with our problems within the party?! Look at your party

Bardhi debates with Klos: What do you have to do with our problems within the

The chairman of the DP parliamentary group, Gazmend Bardhi, and the General Secretary of the SP debated in the Opinion studio, talking about the parliamentary situation in the country, they had accusations against each other.

Blendi Klosi said regarding the Investigative Commissions that they were rejected as they are not based on the Constitution and the law and that a commission is required for the conflict of interest, an argument which was denied by Gazmend Bardhi.

Blendi Klosi: I want to start with the entry that said there is chaos in the parliament. I don't know where the chaos is in parliament because parliament is not the place where flares are lit. The flares are lit in the stadium.”

Gazmend Bardhi: Parliament is not even the place where it is stolen!

Blendi Klosi: In case flares are lit and there is chaos in the parliament, flares are lit in the stadium. In the parliament is the place of speech.

Blendi Fevziu: Why are investigative commissions rejected?

Blendi Klosi: As for the Investigative Commissions, they were rejected for the very simple reason that the requested commissions are not based on the Constitution and the law on Investigative Commissions. There is the whole conversation, about a particular issue. A conflict of interest committee is required. There are no special issues.

Gazmend Bardhi: No, it is not true.

Blendi Klosi: Requests to set up an Investigative Commission not based on a concrete fact. If we have a request in a fact, the commission can be raised tomorrow. We are open to discuss. In the event that there will be commissions for a specific issue such as the issue of incinerators, the commission was set up, there was a parliamentary debate, there was a discussion.

Blendi Fevziu: Klosi raised the issue of incinerators at the United States Embassy with direct pressure. Second, why do you not accept the proposal for the electoral reform commission?

Blendi Klosi: It is about a bipartisan commission. It's about who the Democratic party is. That logo belongs to someone else. The gentleman I have on the show is exempt. That signature and seal excluded him.

Gazmend Bardhi: You are wrong. Who are you, the court that judges?! The party is clear about who PD is and neither Klosi nor Edi Rama appoints it, the members of that party appoint it.

Meanwhile, during the debate, Klosi at one point mentions the absence of the chairman of the DP parliamentary group, Gazmend Bardhi, at the Congress of Berisha held on December 2, where it is stated that the Democratic Party is divided into three contenders. Bardhi responds by asking him to look into the affairs of the Socialist Party and not to deal with their problems within the party.

Blendi Klosi: One of the three contenders for that logo held a Congress and the second part, let's say the part that asks for the logo, was not part of it at all.

Gazmend Bardhi: What do you have to do with our problems within the party?! You look at your party.

Blendi Klosi: There are three different contenders in different groups and they ask Lindita Nikolla to appeal and count them.

Gazmend Bardhi: We count ourselves if we don't need it. You have only one mission: count the money you steal from citizens.

Blendi Fevziu: Klosi will you cooperate with this part of the opposition?

Blendi Klosi: And with whom do you part? Who does Mr. Bardhi represent? I don't have anything, dear colleague, but that stamp on your back that made you a deputy...

Gazmend Bardhi: I represent the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party, of course against your and Edi Rama's will.

Blendi Klosi: That firm that gave you the name MP, that seal expelled you from the Democratic Party. You no longer belong to the Democratic Party. You are an honorable deputy and representative of the people. In January, they threw tear gas at their colleagues. "Seal" and "Lock" are for you, sir. You threw fireworks against PD, now throw them at SP




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