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Bardhi says to Rama: Arben Ndoka ruled during the day, planned murders at night

Bardhi says to Rama: Arben Ndoka ruled during the day, planned murders at night

Democratic deputy Gazment Bardhi declared from the floor of the Assembly that a prime minister like Rama claims that he has his hands out of corrupt affairs, when he has not done any verification for those who stole.

While speaking from the Assembly, Bardhi hit the facts in Rama's eyes when he mentioned Arben Ndokë, the former deputy of the SP announced as wanted for cooperation with Vis Martinaj to kill the opponent.

Bardhi said that Ndoka, after governing during the day, made plans to kill at night.

"How is it possible that a Prime Minister who claims to be out of these corrupt affairs, never did a verification for the sake of the citizens, for the sake of transparency and for the sake of all those who minimally expressed doubt? Nothing, except that he let them steal till the end, and when they fell into the net of justice, now he sees them fall like rotten apples.

There is greater hypocrisy than Edi Rama saying that he has the will to make reforms that ensure the good governance of the country. Isn't this the same individual who, for "good governance", offered the citizens of Lezha the governance of Arben Ndoka, the citizens of Kruja the governance of Rrahman Rrahja, and so on in every city, which were governed by delegation from Edi Rama during the day , at dinner they made plans on how to kill each other or the citizens they governed. And this one is silent, cannot say a word, no apology for the citizens who instead of their representatives offer representatives of organized crime to govern, even "leaders of structured criminal groups" , declared Bardhi.

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