The EU limits the price of Russian oil products

The EU limits the price of Russian oil products

EU countries, according to the Swedish EU presidency, have agreed to set a ceiling price for Russian oil products. With this limitation of the maximum price, the EU seeks to reduce the financial income of Russia for the war in Ukraine. According to EU diplomats, a price ceiling is set at $100 per barrel for derivative products such as diesel and $45 per barrel for products such as oil for cheaper products such as heating oil. This decision follows a proposal from the European Commission, according to which the ceiling prices will come into force from Sunday.

7 countries and Australia follow the EU

Poland and the Baltic states, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia had requested, according to diplomats, even lower prices, which delayed the negotiations by several days. The G-7 and Australia have also agreed on a price cap for Russian oil products. In early December the EU, the G7 and Australia had set a price ceiling for Russian crude oil at $60. Western shipping and insurance companies are allowed to transport and insure Russian oil products only if the established price ceiling rules have been applied to the purchase.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said there are signs that the price ceiling is reducing Russian crude oil revenues. According to an estimate announced by EC President Ursula von der Leyen on Thursday, Moscow loses 160 million euros per day from the current ceiling price./ DW

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