Battle for "Parent 1" and "Parent 2", Pastor Akil Pano: I will always react in defense of the traditional family

Battle for "Parent 1" and "Parent 2", Pastor Akil Pano: I

Pastor Akil Pano won the battle in the Administrative Court of Tirana for the decision of the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination against him, related to the initiative of the LGBTI community that sought to replace parents with the term "Parent 1" and "Parent 2".

Invited to MCN TV, Pano says that he feels triumphant during the two years that he has followed the court battles, after the decision of the Commissioner who identified Pano as discriminating against the LGBTI group.

According to him, the Commissioner had argued that his discriminatory statements had encouraged the rape of a transgender. The pastor says that the verifications made at the police station did not result in any transgender being assaulted.

"We challenged this issue because in the decision of the Commissioner for Discrimination, it was mentioned that I should be very careful, in the agora of the public debate in relation to these topics. We are dealing with the battle of conservatism against liberalism. We are dealing with the culture of prohibition, censorship.

We are dealing with remnants of communism that come through a new culture, such as the culture of prohibition, that manage to intimidate and bully, people who are in defense of the traditional family, mother, father and children.

This is the commissioner's second case, the first was brought by the LGBT group, on the big issue of parent 1 and 2. The commissioner stopped the first case, but largely continued the second. The commissioner says that as a result of the fact that you have a wide audience and positive comments from your followers, due to your attitude towards "Parent 1 and Parent 2", therefore a transgender person has been violated.

In the police stations where we have been interested, we have not found any cases of violence against transgender people. When we look at the dates of the rapist and the two shows I've talked about, we see that this transgender person appears on the shows I've talked about. But looking at the dates, it turns out that the transgender was raped a month before my discourse on television. This is a fabricated issue. I reacted and I will always react in defense of the family, the child, the mother and the father" , said Pano.

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