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'Metamorphosis', Lela: SPAK does not dare to investigate properly, because it should knock on Rama's 'door'

'Metamorphosis', Lela: SPAK does not dare to investigate properly,

The director of communication in the Democratic Party, Alfred Lela, invited to Syri Tv with Edvin Parruça, where the last of the prosecution, 'Metamorfoza3'.

Lela emphasized that this SPAK operation has more the qualities of a PR operation than a genuine operation that aims to attack politics related to gangs and electoral crimes.

"Why is the magnitude of the crime, the magnitude of the election murder in the SPAK file ignored?

There is a reason I think. Because you evidenced it, you pointed it out, you should automatically make the connection with the author of the murder of the elections. And the author of killing the elections, let's say things as they are, is not Durim Bami. It's not Rraja, it's not the other and the other... The author of killing the elections is up there, he's in power, it's the government, it's the prime minister, his deputies, his minister, the local governors (of the Renaissance delegates in the districts) these are them. And if the problem is not grasped, that 50 arrest warrants have been issued, this does not solve it. The power is not that they are damaged or that they may have been caught or declared wanted. The government will create substitutes for these. These are gone, the government will replace them with others and the problem will remain. If SPAK does not do its civic duty, the job it is paid for, the job it boasts about...we are simply waiting for the months of repetition of these scenarios that we read in this file, as has been happening since 2013. And if there is no address for one of the main issues, perhaps the most important in the Republic of Albania.

And this is the concern, why SPAK doesn't want, can't, I don't know why it lets it, that it has a pact, or that it has a fear, to knock on Edi Rama's door and tell him this is the problem yours, and for this you will answer.

The basic crime that this government has committed these days is that it has elevated gangs and made normal people submit to criminals," said Lela.

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