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Rama-Sunak phone conversation, 'The Times' breaks down the plan for illegal immigrants

Rama-Sunak phone conversation, 'The Times' breaks down the plan for

Prime Minister Edi Rama and his British counterpart Rishi Sunak held a telephone conversation yesterday afternoon where the focus was not only on diplomatic relations between the two countries, but also on illegal immigration, which has become a concern for Great Britain.

'The Times' has shown the possible plan that Rishi Sunak and Rama are suspected to have discussed in the telephone conversation. According to English media, illegal immigrants from Albania can return to their country before appeals against rejected asylum requests are considered.

"Albanians who abuse the British modern slavery law to avoid deportation can be returned to Albania and their claims as victims of modern slavery can be examined in their country," the article states.

The plans are expected to be part of a new rapid return agreement, which took another positive step after the telephone conversation between the two prime ministers.

The pair agreed that more needs to be done to tackle illegal migration and organized crime. Sunak and Rama discussed closing the issues that are preventing the quick return of asylum seekers.

The English media have reported almost every day that there has been an increase in the number of Albanians illegally entering Great Britain through dinghies, especially this year.

About a quarter of the 43,400 migrants who crossed the Channel were from Albania.

The first to accuse Albanian immigrants of exploiting the status of modern slavery was Interior Secretary Suella Braverman. She said that Albanians are claiming that they are part of the category of modern slavery in order to be identified as asylum seekers.


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