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Source: Rama's request to deploy KFOR in the North, wrong

Source: Rama's request to deploy KFOR in the North, wrong

Analyst Genc Burimi has spoken about the developments in the north of Kosovo and the deployment of the Serbian army at the border.

In a direct link to Syri Tv, Burimi said that Prime Minister Rama's request for the deployment of KFOR in the north of Kosovo is wrong.

He emphasized that if KFOR is deployed in the north and the Kosovo Police is not present, the situation will get out of control. 

"I consider what Rama said about KFOR a mistake. I think Rama's mouth spoke from a military point of view. And from this side, of course, KFOR must be led. But there is a second aspect, which is the police aspect, and that's where Rama made a serious mistake, and that's where the Westerners are looking for a solution, and reading the Italian KFOR commander, the question is different, so it's good that KFOR decides, but who will do the policing of every day, you have a divorce, a theft, an insult, so you need the police like in every country in the world. Who provides the police? And here Rama makes a mistake from the military side and the same scenario will happen as in Cyprus where the Turkish side occupied the north of Cyprus, the military troops were taken away and the military force cannot do the daily police and this is the debate today by the internationals", said Burimi . .

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