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Bushati: Rama took Alabbar by helicopter around Albania

Bushati: Rama took Alabbar by helicopter around Albania

Analyst Andi Bushati, the entire state has been put in charge of Mohamed Alabbar, the investor who will implement the project of the Port of Durrës.

Invited to "Now" on Euronews Albania, Bushati said that Rama was the one who brought Alabbar to Albania and took him for a helicopter ride.

According to the analyst, the prime minister decides who is a strategic investor.

"The whole state is put in the function of this man since when he was brought by Rama he took him around Albania in a helicopter. Rama decides which investor he will choose for Albania. What is happening now with the incinerators, they have stolen and caused havoc and the prime minister appears in the Commission and says whoever steals should end up in prison. But he is there to make conditions and processes to reduce the space for those who want to steal ," he said.


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