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Covid-19 during the last 24 hours, 695 new cases and one loss of life

Covid-19 during the last 24 hours, 695 new cases and one loss of life

During the last 24 hours, 695 cases of Covid-19 have been registered in the country, while one patient has lost his life. Currently, 24 patients are receiving treatment at the COVID3 hospital, while there are 2,873 active citizens with Covid19 throughout the country.

COVID19/ Ministry of Health: 1803 tests, 695 infected citizens, one loss of life and 319 recovered in the last 24 hours

Due to the increase in the number of citizens affected by Covid19, the Ministry of Health once again calls on citizens not to neglect anticovid vaccination, especially in this period of increased contacts, due to movements throughout the summer season.
Anyone over the age of 12 can be vaccinated at health centers across the country. Also, the Ministry of Health appeals to all vaccinated citizens to go to the health centers to be vaccinated with the booster dose.
Anti-COVID vaccines reduce the chance of infection and largely avoid hospitalizations and fatalities.
If you have signs of illness or have had contact with a person affected by Covid19, isolate yourself immediately and contact your family doctor to be tested as soon as possible or call the National Emergency at the unique number 127.
We will inform you of the situation within 24 hours recently, as follows: 1,803 tests have been performed, of which 695 citizens have tested positive for COVID-19, in these municipalities:
191 in Tirana, 48 in Lushnje, 47 in Shkodra, 42 in Fier, 34 in Durres, 29 in Divjak, 28 in Vlora, 22 in Elbasan, 21 in Saranda, 19 in Lezhë, 17 in Berat, 16 in Gjirokastër, 14 in Pogradec, 12 in Himare, out of 9 citizens in Kurbin, Kavajë, Mallakastër, Maliq, Gramsh, out of 8 citizens in Selenica, Korçë, out of 7 citizens in Kamëz, Patos, Dimal, out of 6 citizens in Malësi e Madhe, Kučovo, out of 5 citizens in Shijak, Krujë, Vorë, Devoll, Skrapar, from 4 citizens in Dibër, Përmet, Tepelën, from 3 citizens in Tropoja, Delvinë, Libohovo, from 2 citizens in Fushë Arrëz, Roskovec, Peqin, Librazhd, from 1 citizen in Kukës , Has, Rogozhinë, Mat, Kolonje, Poliçan, Cerrik.
There are 2,873 active citizens with Covid19 throughout the country.
Aktualisht në spitalin COVID3 po marrin trajtim 24 pacientë. Në 24 orët e fundit ka një humbje jete me Sars-Cov2: një qytetar nga Durrësi 65 vjeç.
Ministria e Shëndetësisë dhe Mbrojtjes Sociale i shpreh ngushëllimet familjes.
Janë shëruar 319 qytetarë gjatë 24 orëve të fundit, duke e çuar numrin e të shëruarve në 314,339 që nga fillimi i epidemisë.

Statistika (12 Gusht 2022)
Raste të reja ditore 695
Të shëruar në 24 orë 319
Të shtruar në spitale 24
Humbje jete në 24 orë 1
Testime ditore 1803

Testime totale 1,939,436
Raste pozitive 320,781
Raste të shëruara 314,339
Raste Aktive 2,873
Humbje jete 3,569

Shpërndarja gjeografike e rasteve aktive sipas qarqeve:

Tirana 874
Fier 525
Durrës 356
Vlorë 275
Gjirokastër 242
Berat 124
Elbasan 118
Korçë 96
Shkodër 91
Lezhë 81
Dibër 62
Kukës 29

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