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The MPs flee to Germany for the national team, the Parliament is "paralyzed".

The MPs flee to Germany for the national team, the Parliament is

A few days before the first match of the Albanian national team against Italy in Euro2024, more than the Albanian fans, those who will enjoy it the most seem to be the deputies of the Parliament of Albania.

A good part of them will travel to Germany on Thursday and therefore the Assembly has thought of giving them a gift: the session scheduled for Thursday has been postponed to Wednesday (tomorrow), while those who want to stay longer to watch the second match with Croatia, have learned that there will be no plenary session next week either.

Several deputies told Tch that a good part of them will travel by car to Germany, to have more opportunities to move from the 15th after the match in Dortmund, until the 19th of June when the match against Croatia in Hamburg will take place .

And for this reason, since the road by car takes about 24 hours, with some stops at night, the Assembly has moved the session to Wednesday, so that on Saturday, all the deputies who have bought tickets will be at the stadium.

In this way, these 10 days of tourism in Germany can be considered a small break for the MPs before they return at the end of June, work until the end of July and then take their summer vacation until the beginning of September./ Ch

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