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Deputies in Germany for EURO 2024, Spanish media: Scandal in Albania!

Deputies in Germany for EURO 2024, Spanish media: Scandal in Albania!

The Assembly held the plenary session today and not on Thursday because the deputies will go to Germany for EURO 2024, where the Albanian national team will also play.

For this reason, there will be no plenary session in the parliament next week either.

This fact is reflected by the well-known Spanish sports media ' AS ', while in the article it is described as a scandal.


No less than 50,000 Albanians, many residing in Germany, but also several thousand displaced, are expected to attend their team's debut match at Dortmund's Westfalenstadion against Italy. Albania returns to a major championship after the first appearance of this type, in France 2016, and this Euro 2024 paralyzes Albania: also politically.

Even the Parliament of Albania has radically changed its plans because of football. According to the local press, a good part of the 140 deputies that make up the chamber will travel to Germany, and for that reason this week's plenary session was not held on Thursday, as it usually happens, but this Wednesday. Many of them travel by car and need more than a day to travel.

Most of the political representatives will follow the match in the stands of the Dortmund stadium. And not only that. In principle, the same deputies will stay for the other two duels of the group, against Croatia in Hamburg on the 19th and against Spain in Dusseldorf on the 24th. For this reason, next week there will be no plenary session in the Assembly has caused a real scandal between some members of the ruling opposition.

The head of the Democratic Party, Gazment Bardhi, asked the majority headed by Prime Minister Edi Rama for clarifications about this "violation of the regulation". " It is Wednesday and you have decided to treat the Parliament as your personal store. As the leader of the session, you will have to explain to the citizens why the session has been moved from Thursday to Wednesday. You have the obligation, because you made a unilateral decision without consulting the opposition. If this is the reason (the trip to the Eurocup), it is a shameful act and we distance ourselves from that banal reason."


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