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The testimony of the repentant justice: Laert Haxhiu killed his cousin for reputation

The testimony of the repentant justice: Laert Haxhiu killed his cousin for

The murder of Fridman Xhaferaj, on June 2, 2021 in Korçë, is one of the most brutal crimes committed by Laert Haxhiu and his gang based in Lushnjë, Pogradec and Korçë.

Fridmani had just been released from Peqin prison, as he was accused of burning a car in Lushnja, an order that was given by his cousin, Laert Haxhiu. Xhaferaj and Haxhiu were not just two acquaintances in Lushnja, but they are cousins ​​to each other.

After being killed with a pistol bullet, Fridmani was thrown into the waters of a reservoir in Korça, his lifeless body emerging on the surface of the water after 12 days.

According to the investigative file of the prosecution of Elbasan, a clear picture of the criminal activity committed during the years 2021 to 2023 is given. Artan Tafani, arrested in Tirana, spoke about this period of time, showing all the crimes he committed with Laert Haxhiun and members of his group.

In Artan Tafani's confession, it is said that within 24 hours Laert Haxhiu's group committed two murders. One in Tepelën, executing the merchant Çajup Selim at the door of the house, and the other in Korçë, killing him with a bullet to the head and then throwing Fridman Xhaferaj's body into the Gjançi reservoir.

The murder of Çajup Selimi was carried out for 50,000 euros

The associate of the prosecution of Elbasan, has shown crimes from June 1, 2021 until the moment of the robbery of "Tele.Co" in the area of ​​"Astir" in Tirana, where he was discovered.

"...on June 1, 2021 in Tepelena, I, together with Laert Haxhi, Erisiano Abedin, Lulzim Spahi, Ligor Romacka and Bujar Abedin, executed Çajup Selim on the steps of a palace. The order for this murder was received by Laert Haxhiu, where as far as I remember the amount was paid 50 thousand euros. Erisiano Abedini and Bujar Abedini were the people who kept us in touch regarding information about Çajupi's movement. We chose to carry out the murder at night, when Çajupi would return to his house in the palace..." , Artan Tafani said.
Furthermore, the latter confessed that after the murder of Çajupi, Laert Haxhiu, Lulzim Spahiu and Ligor Romaçka from Korça, traveled from Tepelena towards Lushnja, and then from Lushnja towards Korça.

The entire trip was made at night, with the aim of killing Fridman Xhaferaj on June 2, who a few days ago had gone to Pogradec and Korça with the intention of leaving for Greece.

Before the investigators, Aleksandër Xhaferaj, the victim's brother, stated that:

" ...on May 24, 2021, together with my brother Fridman, a person named Kristi Bixheku, who was driving a black "Mercedez-Benz" type car with license plate AA 980, came to the house, while the last two letters are missing I remember. Bixheku took me and Fridman and together we went to Elbasan, and there we met Lulzim Arap. After drinking coffee, we parted where Kristi and I returned to Lushnjë, while Lulzimi and Fridmani went in the direction of Korça. When we went to Lushnja, Kristi Bixheku paid an amount of 22,000 ALL, after cutting her ticket to go to Greece...".

Then towards Korça, Kristi Bixheku also left and the three together, Fridmani, Lulzimi and Kristi, stayed on the dates of May 25, 26 and 27, 2021 in the premises of the "Dea" hotel in Korça, which has been confirmed not only from the verification of the records of this hotel but also from the testimonies of the employees.

Animal killing of Fridman Xhaferaj

For the associate of justice Artan Tafani, the murder of Fridman Xhaferaj was the most serious and brutal. This murder has left marks on him, believing that Laert Haxhiu had already turned into a beast, a man with paranoia who was ready to kill anyone from his group, if he suspected that he could betray him.

His murder in Korça was carried out only because Xhaferaj had at one point threatened his cousin Laerti, that if the latter did not help him get him out of Peqin prison, Fridman would start talking to the police and the prosecutor, for the whereabouts of the wanted Laert Haxhiu and his crimes.

"...the threat or blackmail that Fridman would speak in prison, if Laerti did not help him, was not well received by Haxhiu. Fridman had delivered this message to his cousin, through the lawyer who went to meet him in prison every month. The lawyer forwarded it to Laert Haxhiu, and from this moment, he began to doubt Fridman's loyalty and stability. At this moment, Laerti started making plans and talking about the punishment of traitors, while he said that his cousin had lowered his reputation... Fridman had gone to prison for burning a car" - says the associate of the prosecution .

Through his connections, Laert Haxhiu manages to change the security measure from "prison arrest" to "house arrest" for Fridman Xhaferaj in the Lushnja court.

After Fridman's release from prison, Laert Haxhiu began to implement the plan to kill him.

Laert Haxhiu, Artan Tafani, Lulzim Spahija, Ligor Romaçka (Golja), Mariglen Topuzi, Bledar Berberi, the brother of "Koros" and Idriz Manej from Shkodra nicknamed "Gjyshko" took part in this murder.

According to the penitent, the murder was committed in another place, while the dead body was thrown into the reservoir of Gjançi in Korçë.

"... Fridman Xhaferaj, before he was killed, he was beaten... Laerti, together with us, asked him to account if he had spoken and why he had blackmailed and threatened from inside the prison. We hit it several times. When we killed him, he had fallen to his knees, while two people were pulling him by both arms. Fridman saw the pistols and began to exert force to leave, but he could not move because two people held him by the arms. He apologized to Laertes, begged and begged not to kill him, at this moment he was shot in the head. Because Friedman moved his head too quickly, the bullet caused a gash in him, but it brought him instant death. We transported him by car to Gjanç, where they threw the dead body into the reservoir... ", said Artan Tafani.

12 days after the murder of Fridman Xhaferaj, the water of the reservoir brought the lifeless body of the 25-year-old to the surface. Passers-by notified the police, who started an investigation.

For this event in 2021, Lulzim Spahija and Kristi Bixheku were arrested, who are still in the Drenova prison./oranews


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