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Bachelor's degrees drop by 26%, teacher studies are abandoned

Bachelor's degrees drop by 26%, teacher studies are abandoned

The number of diplomas in the cycle of bachelor studies is rapidly reducing, as from 2019 to 2023 they fell by over 26%.

INSTAT data refer to almost half of the decline accumulated in 2023, where the number of diplomas in this cycle decreased by 14%.

More and more young people are not choosing higher education as an investment for their future, as the demographic crisis is negatively affecting the entire life cycle in the country.

INSTAT data show that in 2019, 18,696 bachelor's degrees were awarded in all public and private higher education, while in 2023, 13,800 such degrees were awarded.

Detailed 2022 data on the distribution of bachelor's degrees by field of study show that studies related to teacher production are in crisis.

In 2022, only 341 diplomas were awarded in the branches of education from 1,613 that were awarded in 2015, a decrease of 79%.

This number of degrees is not enough to replace the already vacant seats in public schools across the country.

The municipalities of Kukës and Dibra are in total shortage of mathematics teachers, as Albania is recording a record drop in learning achievements confirmed by the international PISA 2022 test.

Meanwhile, diplomas for the fields of studies related to services have marked the greatest increase. This is a positive trend, as the demand for these branches is increasing with the developments in tourism. In 2022, there were 809 diplomas in this direction with a 110% increase compared to 2015.

There is also an increase in degrees for ICT and engineering branches, respectively by 17.5 and 23.5% each between 2015 and 2022. Also, bachelor's degrees related to health increased by 9.4% and social sciences and journalism by 8%.

Meanwhile, there is a significant decrease in degrees in arts and humanities by 29% and business, administration and law by 29%.

Education experts claimed that the drop in degrees in the first cycle of higher studies is being influenced by the reduction of the population under 18 years of age and dropouts./ Monitor

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