He would be eliminated by Laert Haxhiu, the former prosecutor Merita Selimi is being defended

He would be eliminated by Laert Haxhiu, the former prosecutor Merita Selimi is

The General State Police has ordered the police station of Lushnja to take security measures for the former prosecutor of Lushnja, Merita Selimi, and her family members.

This protection measure comes after the testimony of the repentant justice Artan (Marjus) Tafani, that Laert Haxhiu had targeted him to kill him, along with two other names of justice, Doloreza Musabelli, prosecutor at SPAK and Lushnja's lawyer Adriatik Doga .

Merita Selimi was the prosecutor who investigated Laert Haxhiu, Orgest Bilbili and Anterio Kaloshi for the 2017 massacre, where Zamir Latifi and Jurgen Hoxha were killed, while Bujar Turku and Marjus Xhepexhiu were injured.

After two years of investigation, Selimi declared incompetence by bringing the file against the three defendants to SPAK. The case was taken by Doloreza Musabelli, prosecutor at SPAK. Where he has currently sentenced Orgest Bilbili and Anterio Kaloshi to life imprisonment, while Laert Haxhiu is still in the trial phase

Lushnja's prosecutor, Merita Selimi, in July 2023, was dismissed from the Independent Qualification Commission (Vetting) with the two votes of commissioners Brunilda Bektesh and Etleda Çiftja. Lulzim Hamitaj voted "in favor" of her passage of the "Vetting" process, but it was not enough.

Merita Selimi is now expected to be taken into custody by the Lushnja police. While a day ago, the State Police ordered the officers of the "RESI" special police station in Tirana, who took the prosecutor of SPAK, Doloreza Musabelliu, for protection.

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