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The file of the worker who died building the earthquake houses, for 20 months in the "drawer"

The file of the worker who died building the earthquake houses, for 20 months in

Fiks Fare denounced the process of rebuilding the houses of the homeless, whose houses were destroyed by the earthquake of November 26, 2019.

On the fourth anniversary of this tragedy, the victims keep increasing. Genci Spaho had an accident at work in May 2022. He was working at the company "Kaca One", in the area of ​​Spitalla, in Durrës. On May 7, when the accident occurred, the worker was not insured. The owners of the firm insured him on the day of the accident, while he was dying in the hospital. From May 2022 to November 2023, the Prosecutor's Office did not act. Insurance, the Labor Inspectorate and Taxes directly and indirectly admit that the victim was uninsured.

Denada Spaho, a 22-year-old student, the victim's daughter, complained to the newsroom of the investigative show.

"On May 7, 2022, in the Spitalla area where housing for the earthquake homeless is being built, the former worker of the construction company 'Kaca One' and 'EDICOM' is also my late father, Genci Spaho. On this date, he 'became a martyr' in that place, as he fell from a height while working," said Denada.

She says that the father had just started work and fell into the elevator pit, which should at least have been covered to protect the workers' lives.

"I am his daughter and as an orphan I seek justice that has never been decided. Everything was manipulated, as the work continued directly and the owner and manager of the firm continued the work progress as if nothing had happened. Shame!", she says, while asserting that none of the company's managers even expressed condolences to the family.

"Nobody cared. Everything was extinguished with death. This situation was forgotten but I can't forget it. We have received neither aid from the state nor pension. My father is really gone, but he was carrying 5 souls in the family. I have no idea what was done in the prosecutor's office and the court. Some people were detained then released. On the day of the accident, my father was uninsured. Those from the firm took the identity card from the mother at the hospital. We don't know what they did with him. No help from the firm and the prosecution says the case is still under investigation", concludes Denada.

After the denunciation, the victim's daughter goes to the Labor Inspectorate. Meet the employee and give him a sheet. There it turns out that the date of the declaration is May 7, 2022, i.e. the date of the accident. They say that they have investigated and imposed a fine on the company, but they still do not have the act on working conditions.

"The company did not bring it to us", they claim. Then he goes to Social Security, as the employees tell him that the exact date when they were closed can be found in Taxes of Durrës.

"This is what they do to close the accident", the employees tell him. Denada, together with Fiks journalists, go to Taxes. He tells the employee that "so far, the court and the prosecution have not asked us for a request". He further asserts that the letter is delivered to them. "Yes, I tell you in advance that the documents were closed on May 7 (the day of the accident)", they claim.

Fiksi talks with the owner of the company "Kaca One", Rexhep Kaca. He says he was not at the workplace when it happened. Once he says he was the boy who accompanied the injured worker to the hospital. Journalists ask him if he was insured. He answers that I should ask the economist.

"I will talk to the economist and I will get back," says Rexhepi, but he has not contacted us until the broadcast of this chronicle. Fiksi asks him about the conditions, as he claims that the case is still under investigation. But has it helped the family? "We stayed on his head", he answers, when on May 7 the worker was in the surgery room and died that same day.

"I was a subcontractor of 'EDICOM' because he also has the contract. He must bear his responsibilities, I mine. The papers are in the Prosecutor's Office", asserts Rexhepi. When asked whether or not there are people detained or arrested, he says no, while they were accompanied for a few days and then released.

Rexhep Kaca, the owner of the subcontracting firm, insisted several times that the case is in the prosecutor's office and under investigation. He said that a number of experiments have been done. One of which on May 28, 2022, a few days after the event. It says that the elevator pit is filled with water and plastic bins. There are no walls. Scaffolds and protective nets are not visible. And this construction site was managed by the subcontractor "Kaca One".

But has the training been done on the rules of technical insurance? The expert writes that the document was not approved by the person responsible for safety and health at work. Lack of safety plan and employers' obligations. The victim was not equipped with individual protective measures, helmet, vest, shoes, gloves. Not even wearing a seat belt.

A multitude of people, managers and workers from both firms were questioned. But, until today, when about 20 months have passed since the event, the file is still in the prosecutor's office.

Fiksi went to the construction site and met with Mr. Rauf Kaçi. His name is in the prosecutor's file and he is one of the employees who was investigated for this incident. Although he is under investigation and free, he denied having knowledge of the incident. Meanwhile, there was another employee, Leonard Purde. This person was also under investigation for the incident. Both continue their work and filed a complaint for the May 7 incident. They are still on the scene and continue to be responsible for the entire construction site! They even refused to allow the Fiks Fare group to film in that area./ TCH

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