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Mistaken for cannabis, the British police mistakenly arrest the Albanian transporting mountain tea

Mistaken for cannabis, the British police mistakenly arrest the Albanian

A 53-year-old Albanian in Great Britain has been handcuffed under strange conditions and circumstances.

As The Sun writes , Agim Agaj was traveling in his van when he was stopped by the British police. He was held for 15 hours at the police station after being caught with some leaves suspected to be cannabis sativa.

The officers had found in the back of the driver's seat, a plastic container filled with what they suspected to be cannabis, but it turned out to be mountain tea.

Agaj said that even a child could tell that it was not sativa cannabis, but mountain tea because it does not have the smell of weeds.

"There were two policemen. One opened the door of the van and saw that I had a large plastic container. He told the other policeman: 'He has marijuana!' I said, 'This is not drugs. It's mountain tea!' They didn't listen. I was arrested.

Tea doesn't look like weed at all. It doesn't smell like weed. Even a child can see what tea is and what cannabis is ," he told The Sun.

Dawn claimed officers were also sent to search his old home and a friend's home.

Dorset Police said: "A search of the vehicle was carried out and it was reported that a plastic container containing what appeared to be a plant substance which officers believed could be an illegal drug. It was confirmed that the substance in the container was not an illegal drug and the man was released without charge."

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