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Mass emigration of doctors, Fuga: Barbaric method what the prime minister says about the blocking of students' diplomas

Mass emigration of doctors, Fuga: Barbaric method what the prime minister says

Artan Fuga has spoken about the proposal made by Prime Minister Edi Rama to block the diplomas of nursing and medical students so that they do not leave the country.

In an interview for "Panorama TV", the academic said that this is a barbaric method and that there are other ways to keep professionals in Albania and not to invent things unheard of before.

"You cannot take away a student's right to a diploma, as this is a very serious violation of human rights. This student has the right to take the Albanian state to international courts. We consider that rights are the most sacred thing and no reason is more priority than human right. That said, there are other ways. There is no need for us to invent it, because what the prime minister says is a barbaric method, "we block your diplomats".

"The world tells him, you came to university. You spent so much from your taxes or your parents'. You can't say goodbye to the others who paid for you that I'm leaving. Then they say that you 5 years you will work here. You will work to pay off your debts and after 5 years I will go to Germany."

"It doesn't even block you by preventing you from exercising your profession. Even the salary increase is not done directly, there are economic laws. You will increase the salaries for some medical professions that are the most in demand. You will increase the salaries for some doctors who maintain the service. On the basis of performance, the role they perform, personal qualities, etc. A good professional is like a tree with roots around which mushrooms also gather.... But if you say I will raise the salary of all of you, or I will block your diplomas, not good."

"I have known people who are exceptional professionals and have fled. Why have they fled, because they secured their lives very well. Not an unqualified or poor person has fled. Economic difficulties are difficulties for emigration, but people who have income."

"A study should be done to finance this for the Albanian society, because it has to do with national security, with the existence of our nation. We continue to be Marxists in the worst sense of the word. He who runs away needs both medical service and a theater, a bookstore, etc. The economic side of the issue should not be judged only, but it should be seen as a whole", said Fuga.

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