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The children killed the father in Durrës, journalism: The cameras revealed that the vehicle was accompanied by another car

The children killed the father in Durrës, journalism: The cameras revealed

Journalist Anila Hoxha, invited to the show 'Top Talk' on Top Channel, revealed other details from the serious event in Durrës.

Hoxha indicated that from the moments of the first testimony and the following, the children gave contradictory statements. She said it was Hygerta who took the blame from the start but was not believed by the police. Likewise, according to Hoxha, the vehicle that they left the house was caught by the cameras being accompanied by another vehicle.

"Hygerta turns 19 on March 30 of this year. If we refer to a series of events that are mentioned as cases in criminalistics, this crime, from the way it happened, shows that the big reason has not been discovered. Why did this crime happen and what happened in the family? In Albania, two murders occurred in their sleep. A woman in Fier killed her husband while he was sleeping, she stated that she did it after 25 years of violence. The second murder was by a woman in the north of the country, where she said she had decided to remain silent because of opinion and pressure. In the investigative file that we made clear to the public while maintaining the mourning parameters, it is clear that the children's testimonies are contradictory. Hyseni and Hygerta also state similar elements at 15:00 the father was resting, they told him to go. The second testimony of the girl…we have to consider the dynamics. The police officer had referred the case to murder, the eldest son said that our father had left once. In what the documents in the reference show, it is shown that the officers went and took the statements of the deceased that showed his routine, Neighbors and individuals who met with him were questioned. What has convinced the investigation group is the finding of the vehicle. The security cameras showed two vehicles, finding the car, sending it to the Durrës directorate. The first data were contradictory, after having performed other proactive actions they called the three children and the mother. For hours, he was described as calm, then very unclear. The place where the body was found, the girls would not have been able to perform these actions without being noticed by other family members ," said Hoxha.

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