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A $6 million contract is signed for the Albania 1 and 2 satellites/ Rama: They will monitor constructions without permission, soon with armed drones

A $6 million contract is signed for the Albania 1 and 2 satellites/ Rama: They

A $6 million contract is signed for the placement of two satellites, Albania 1 and Albania 2. The launch of these satellites into space was announced a few months ago, but was postponed.

In the presentation that was made to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi said that the contract has a 3-year term and that they will serve for the monitoring of the territory.

"Today, the satellite service contract will be signed in the field of defense and security for the monitoring with advanced technology of the territory of Albania through the National Civil Defense Agency and the US SateLogic Operator.

The contract is worth 6 million dollars. It consists in the exclusive use of two satellites, initially for a period of 3 years, for the monitoring of the territory of Albania, the development of technical and professional capacities, for the use of the satellite service, the processing of geospatial information and the provision of imaging products.

The satellites will be called Albania 1 and Albania 2. This will enable Albania to receive satellite images. We don't start from scratch. A lot of work has been done so far. We have an agency that will be involved in the management of images for all the non-institutions that will need them", said Peleshi.

While Prime Minister Rama said that the monitoring of the country with satellites will show the construction of floors without permission. He announced that Albania will also be equipped with armed drones.

"With the satellites, it will not be possible to build floors without permission. Satellites have the capacity to see any elevated volume on the earth's surface in a circumference that sums up to 70 cm. There will be many eyes on the territory and it will be impossible for the exclusive eyes of the territory monitor to sell wrong information to the state by making fake papers.

Satellites will soon be followed by drones. We have decided to complete them and get armed drones. Of course, they are for extreme cases against terrorism or a potential enemy, but drones have a set of functions in accordance with satellites", said the Prime Minister.

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