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Girls' football/ Vllaznia defeats Apolonia and wins the Albanian Cup for the 10th time

Girls' football/ Vllaznia defeats Apolonia and wins the Albanian Cup for

Vllaznia for girls is officially the winning team of the 14th edition of the Albanian Cup, after the 4-1 victory against Apolonia.  In the final held this afternoon at the 'House of Football', Shkodra secured the 10th trophy in this important competition. The first half produced a very interesting game, with both teams controlling the ball well and trying to find the advantage in the respective gates.

The first to take the lead are Fieraket, with Valentina Troka, who after a beautiful ball gifted to the right by Klea Amonikaj finds the first goal of this important meeting. 1-0 for Apolonia in the 14th minute of the meeting. Shkodran, on the other hand, were not beaten either, looking for the equalizing goal and found it with Gresa Berisha in the 29th minute. The midfielder from Shkodra tries with a strong ball from outside the area, finding the Apolonia net and equalizing the numbers at 1-1.

Shala reverses the result and takes the lead over Vllaznina, bringing the numbers to 2-1 in the 41st minute of the meeting. The first part of this final ends with the advantage of Vllaznia 2-1, while the same emotions and strong play are produced by the second faction of the meeting. Gresa Berisha seals the personal double in this match, tripling the result of this match. Megi Doçi executes a free kick, while Berisha is well in the area, scoring the third goal for the red and blue girls. So, the striker of Vllaznia, Megi Doçi seals the numbers at 4-1, after a perfect execution of a free kick in favor of Shkodran.

With the result 4-1, this 14th final of the Albanian Cup for girls ends, with Vllaznina thus being declared the winner in this important competition of Albanian football.  At the end of the match, a ceremony was held by the Football Federation, with the member of the Executive Committee of the FFF, Abdyl Kuriu, who presented the medals and the Cup of Albania to the girls of Vllaznia. With this victory, the girls' Vllaznia goes to 10 trophies won in the Cup of Albania. The 14th final of the Albanian Cup was followed with great interest by many fans of Vllaznia and Apolonia, who were present at the Football House to support their favorite team.


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