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Journalist: 5-7% of police officers use encrypted phones

Journalist: 5-7% of police officers use encrypted phones

The Minister of the Interior, Taulant Balla approved the special order related to the self-declaration of all employees of the State Police, AMP and Guard of the Republic, to see if they have used the SKY ECC or Encro Chat applications.

Journalist Basir Çollaku said in an interview for Euronews Albania that 5-7% of the police use SKY ECC applications.

Among other things, Çollaku said that Balla's order is all a show since so many forms cannot be verified.

"By what right does this order come from the Minister of the Interior, what is the indication for certain police officers that X is involved in criminal groups. It's a show, over 13 thousand forms, where are you going to verify them? It is known that about 5-7 percent of the police force are users of these encrypted phone number applications, and there is no list of police officers. There is no definite list that these officers are included or not. It's all a show", said the journalist.

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