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The journalist "unravels" the investigation: This is the Albanian businessman who trafficked drugs from Ecuador, he owns 13 companies

The journalist "unravels" the investigation: This is the Albanian

Dritan Gjika, known in Albania as a businessman in Ecuador, is a major cocaine trafficker. This is what journalist Dorjana Bezat reports for "Top Story", which according to her is the headline of the Colombian media about drug trafficking.

In cooperation with a colleague from Colombia, Bezat says that he conducted an investigation on Albanians who traffic cocaine in Colombia.

She adds that Gjika owns 13 companies, one of which is Agricomtrade.

"The investigation is related to Agricomtrade, which is the main supplier of Alba Exotic in our country. There are 151 shipments of bananas from Ecuador to Europe, in six of them it can be said with certainty that there was cocaine.

Dritan Gjika, who is the headline of the media in Ecuador, has no record of criminal activities in Albania. He left Albania in January of this year for Turkey, after spending the end of the year holidays in the country".

According to Bezat, some of the Albanian traffickers of Ecuador have gone to Peru.

"There is another destination, Peru, they moved to Peru because of the war they had between the Ecuadorian groups, Franc Malo and Gentian Meta, with jars of asparagus they tried to transport drugs, 2.2 tons to a destination in the Netherlands, a one of the traffickers is also Tyson, so known because of his physical resemblance to the former boxer. Los Balkanos are called there, Serbs join Croats or other groups from Italy and get tons of cocaine, they are very aggressive, they are very close to each other, they cooperate as family clans".




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